Shanghai Qinxiang launched a new generation of col

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Shanghai Qinxiang launched a new generation of cold CCD fluorescence and chemiluminescence imaging system

clinx chemiscope series fluorescence and chemiluminescence imaging system is an instrument suitable for both fluorescence imaging analysis and chemiluminescence imaging analysis. The system uses a high-resolution digital cooled CCD camera combined with a high pass lens system, so that it can often sweep and capture the fluorescence and chemiluminescence sample images with extremely weak signals at the jaws, and can minimize noise, reduce the background, and provide excellent image clarity. The excitation light source and filter can be customized according to the different needs of users, which expands the application range of fluorescence/chemiluminescence imaging. It is one of the most functional and cost-effective research tools used in the field of life science at present

with the increasingly extensive and in-depth biological research, customers require high-molecular polymers to have the necessary mechanical properties when using fluorescent and chemiluminescence analysis as materials. There is an increasing demand to start and operate these household appliances and instruments without direct supervision, and the requirements have also been carried out for more than one year. In view of the current situation that domestic high-end chemiluminescence imaging systems basically rely on imports, we independently developed and produced chemiscope series fluorescence and chemiluminescence imaging systems with high cost performance, which undoubtedly provides a better choice for our Chinese biological researchers

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