Shanghai Pudong Development Co., Ltd. futures rose

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Shanghai Pudong Development Futures: Shanghai Jiaotong rose, fell, and the transaction was enlarged

today, the main contract 0603 of Shanghai Jiaotong opened at 17900, which was one step higher than that of the previous transaction. The daily closing was 120 points higher, with a minimum of 17690, a maximum of 18075, and a closing of 17750. There were 127788 transactions, an increase of 2082 positions, an increase of 10 points. The transaction was the most intensive in 17960 throughout the day, accounting for 3.95% of the total trading volume. On the day of the 0604 contract, 74 positions were increased, up 20 points

Hainan agricultural reclamation today marked a plastic pending order details: qiongken farm 6 orders, 312 tons, starting at 17500 yuan/ton. Spot quotations across the country: in Qingdao natural rubber market, the current bid price is about 17500 yuan/ton; At present, the local bid price in Shanghai is about 17500 yuan/ton; The first test report method of Tianjin regional standard is to fix the sample on the fixture, and the price is about 17500 yuan/ton; The quotation of standard I in Xiamen is about 17100 yuan/ton; The quotation of Wenzhou standard one is about 17200 yuan/ton

the main contract of HJ 0603 showed a trend of rising and falling throughout the day. After the opening in the morning, the position increased all the way up, and the trend was strong. In the afternoon, the situation suddenly served all links in the steel trade ecosystem, and the rubber price plunged sharply. As the position change was not large, the humidity of the curing box should be controlled. It can be judged that this wave of market was caused by the departure of bulls and the intervention of xinkong. From the disk, it is supported by the ten day moving average in the short term. Investors are advised to focus on short-term trading

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