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Russian media: the United States is worried that the speed of arms sales is too low, and customers are robbed by China

[global report internship mu Yanchen] according to Russian satellite on November 17, Lapland, the procurement director of the U.S. air force, said after returning home from the Dubai air show from November 8 to 12 that if the United States cannot make order procurement simpler and faster, its allies will turn to China to meet their procurement needs

according to the latest US Defense station report, Lapland said at a conference held by the Lexington Institute, a us think tank, that the US allies would buy weapons from China. He said: "according to the nature of composite materials, the demand for equipment in the United States is very large, and customers overseas are very anxious. They urgently need our equipment. What we need to do about it is urgent." Lapland stressed that unlike the United States, China has no export restrictions on drones

Lapland said that he had launched bilateral dialogues with Jordan, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and other countries, but these countries said that Chinese weapons were still worth buying. They were in war. This was a matter of survival. Celanese engineering materials helped OEMs and tier suppliers reduce potential risks for world factory materials and their anti-counterfeiting technology

it is reported that Lapland has not yet reached an answer on how to simplify the weapons sales process, but he said that the U.S. military will rely on experts in the defense industry to find solutions

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