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IPE of Russia plans to restart this kind of 280000 ton pulp production line. Ilim pulp enterprise (IPE) of Russia will entrust Harris group to conduct a feasibility study on its plan to restart Bratsk's No. 3 pulp production line. The annual capacity of the production line of northern bleached softwood pulp is expected to reach 280000 tons, and the No. 3 pulp production line was completed and put into operation in 1982. Bratsk factory has an annual output of 400000 tons of commercial pulp and 180000 tons of cardboard. Emergency braking can be carried out in case of emergency

ip, but among them, the following are worthy of enterprises' attention: 1. First of all, the growth rate of automobile production and sales, which has the largest weight in the total industrial volume of changing the torque of experimental machines, is picking up; 2. The cumulative order volume of key enterprises in the machinery industry has rebounded. Company e plans to study the Harris group's report by the end of this year and may restart this No. 3 pulp production line by the end of 2003

IPE also owns kotlsa pulp and paper factory and ust ilimsk pulp and paper factory. Among them, ust ilimsk factory was purchased from Russian Sibal company in February this year, and its annual production capacity of coniferous wood pulp is 600000 tons. IPE plans to increase the annual capacity of the plant to 1million tons in the next few years

it is said that IPE's pulp output accounts for 61% of Russia, while its box board output accounts for 77% of the country

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