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Russia will formulate a national strategy for artificial intelligence

[Abstract] the Russian government must formulate Russia's national strategy in the field of artificial intelligence by June 15, and launch supplementary measures before July 1 to accelerate investment and support for small and medium-sized enterprise projects in the fields of artificial intelligence, IOT, robotics and big data

Science and technology, Beijing, February 28 (Intern Hu Dingkun) according to the Russian President's station 27, Russia will complete the formulation of the national strategy of artificial intelligence in mid June to strengthen investment and support for artificial intelligence and other industries

according to the list of tasks to be implemented in President Putin's state of the Union address released by the president's station, the Russian government must formulate a national strategy by June 15 that Russia's hydraulic universal testing machine must use a third-class standard experimental force sensor to verify the field after the repair of artificial intelligence, and launch supplementary measures before July 1 to accelerate the implementation of artificial intelligence, IOT Investment and support for small and medium-sized enterprise projects in the field of robotics and big data

Putin also requested that the government will launch the general outline for the development of national communication network and data storage and processing infrastructure by the end of this year; Bring all Russian primary and secondary schools into the high-speed Internet by the end of 2021; 15 science and education centers will be built before January 1, 2022, of which five science and education centers, especially the nano particle centers prepared by physical methods, located in Perm border area and other places, will be put into operation by the end of this year

in March, 2018, the Russian Ministry of defense and the Russian Federation. Do you know the requirements and installation details for installing universal experimental machine fixtures? The State Ministry of education and science and the Russian Academy of Sciences held a meeting to invite AI experts at home and abroad to study and judge the current situation of global AI development, and try to draw up the "Russian AI development plan" with the strength of national academia, technology and companies. Later, the Russian Ministry of defense took the lead in releasing the "ten plans for artificial intelligence", which made guiding arrangements for the future research work of Russian artificial intelligence and the coordination and division of departments and agencies whose accuracy can meet the requirements

on February 11 this year, US President trump signed an executive order to launch the "American artificial intelligence initiative", which aims to mobilize more federal funds and resources for artificial intelligence research and development from the national strategic level, so as to meet the challenges from "strategic competitors and foreign rivals" and ensure the leading position of the United States in this field

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