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Russian experts predict that the oil price will gradually drop in 2006-2007

experts believe that the growth rate of oil demand in 2006-2007 will be slightly lower than that in 2003-2004. By 2007, the oil supply of Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Russia and OPEC countries will increase. However, there will be a new round of increasing demand in 2008, which is due to the relatively low oil price and the increasing demand for oil in China and India

experts pointed out that the future tasks of the Russian authorities are to expand the Baltic Sea oil transportation system, build the East Siberia Pacific oil pipeline (tashet Nakhodka oil pipeline), and implement the northern plan (West Siberia Barents Sea)

experts have two different estimates of Russia's oil exports in the next few years. The optimistic estimate is that the export volume may increase by b1.71 from 257 million tons in 2004 to 294 million tons in 2008. The pessimistic estimate is that the oil export in 2008 was less than 294 million tons, and the actual export volume may be 2.1% lower than this figure

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