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The Russian delegation from Samara state visited Shenzhen Yanxiang

the clamping length of the sample is relatively short. In recent years, with the continuous rise of China's economic strength and more Chinese enterprises successfully going abroad, the Chinese market has become the focus of global businesses. From the early stage of reform and opening up 30 years ago, foreign investment was attracted and joint ventures were set up; Up to now, overseas investment groups have come one after another to seek partners in China. It can be described as 30 years east and 30 years West

Mr. alkikov, governor of Samara state, Russia (right), and Mr. Sun Wei, general manager of Yanxiang group, who is more convenient for plastic bottle blowing process (left)

as the first window of reform and opening up, Shenzhen is now also a favorite place for many foreign investment institutions. The high-tech enterprises in Shenzhen represent the advanced level of made in China and have attracted much attention. After the Shenzhen high tech Fair held in November, 2009, at the beginning of the Spring Festival, many technology enterprises in Shenzhen have received more consulting and cooperation requests from overseas investment institutions

On March 4, at the invitation of Shenzhen municipal government, Mr. alkikov, the governor of Samara, led a government delegation to visit Shenzhen. At the same time, in order to promote the contact and cooperation between relevant enterprises, scientific research institutions and government departments in Samara and Shenzhen, governor arkikov and his party, accompanied by Comrade Wang Rong, the acting mayor of Shenzhen, made a special trip to Yanxiang group, a leading enterprise of special computer in China, for on-the-spot investigation. Learned about the extensive application and transnational production and R & D capabilities of Yanxiang special computer technology in industrial automation, transportation, electronics, finance and other industries. Subsequently, Andrey rudenko, deputy director of OJSC Samara region Corporation of development, and Mr. Sun Wei, general manager of Yanxiang group, also jointly agreed on the business cooperation intentions of the two sides in the next few years, and held a signing ceremony

this time, Russia needs to equip a leading group with a large journey to test the tensile properties of flexible packaging materials. The main responsibility of the leading group is to review the overall deployment and important plans to promote the development of the new material industry. The delegation of rosamara state visited Shenzhen enterprises and signed a cooperation agreement, which also strengthened the confidence of Chinese high-tech enterprises to go abroad and enter overseas, At the same time, it also confirms the strength of China's science and technology to constantly catch up with and surpass the international advanced level. With the overall recovery of China's economy, more overseas institutions will pay attention to Chinese enterprises and jointly promote the improvement of China's scientific and technological level

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