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Russian enterprises have added BOPP film production equipment production lines

as a large BOPP film manufacturer in Russia, biaxplen has set up BOPP film production facilities in korsk, bararena, Moscow, Tomsk and other places, which can avoid unnecessary expenses: Backup bases

recently, sipur group, a petrochemical giant, announced at the press conference that its subsidiary biaxplen would add a new BOPP film production equipment production line in novokuybyshevsk region, Russia

it is reported that the total cost of the new production line is 1.9 billion rubles. After it is officially put into operation, it will help to increase the capacity of novokuybyshevsk plant in xipur from 30500 T/A to 55500 T/A

market analysis data show that the total consumption of BOPP film in Russia in 2013 was 130000 tons, and its annual demand growth rate was 4-5%. Insiders pointed out that the establishment of the new production line not only realized biaxplen's desire to provide five layers of innovative films for the Russian and European markets (Italy, Poland, Germany, France, Turkey, etc.), but also contributed to the further processing of Xibu bagan polypropylene products

Nikolay merkushkin, governor of Samara province of Russia, extended a warm welcome to the settlement of biaxplen company in sipur. He said, "the establishment of this new production line is of milestone significance. It can not only solve the local employment problem of novokuybys (4) sepiolite hevsk, but also drive the economic development of the whole Samara province."

Leonid mikhelson, chairman of the board of directors of Sibur group, said that the establishment of the production line of the new BOPP film production equipment is conducive to further consolidating the company's position as a leader in the packaging material market, while helping Russia reduce its dependence on imports of high value-added products

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