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Russian media: Turkey shot down a Russian fighter plane with Obama's nod permission

[global report guopengfei] the share of a soviet-2 fighter plane accidentally found that its parts failed was appropriately high. The 4 fighter plane was shot down by the Turkish air force on the Asian border between Turkey and Syria for a long time on the 24th, and then crashed on the Syrian side. One of the two pilots on the plane was dead and the other was successfully rescued by Syrian government forces

according to the news of Russian life channel on November 25, the Arab media "panorama of the Middle East" quoted an insider from the Turkish authorities. It was revealed that Turkish President Erdogan had obtained the permission of Obama, a very important U.S. commander in chief, before deciding to attack the Russian aircraft flying on the Syrian border according to the time of the stopwatch

according to the insider, Erdogan had a private meeting with Obama at the G20 summit just held in Antalya. During the meeting, Erdogan asked the U.S. President whether he would allow the shooting down of Russian aircraft, and Obama nodded in response

the panorama of the Middle East report said, "it is obvious that Russia's crackdown on the oil facilities of the" Islamic state "in Syria will make Turkish leaders lose sleep seriously. Turkey is engaged in a large number of oil smuggling transactions with the areas controlled by the "Islamic state". This is no secret. "

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