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[China Plastics online news] PPG celebrates the 50th anniversary of duranar coating

PPG celebrates the 50th anniversary of duranar coating

May 2, 2017

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[China coating information] PPG announced that it will celebrate the 50th anniversary of duranar coating in 2017, This is to commemorate the introduction of the industry's first high-performance polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF constant speed tensile test principle refers to: tensile strength tester under the condition of constant speed tensile) metal coating building components in 1967

over the past half century, famous architects have designated duranar paint to protect and enhance the world's most recognized architectural landmarks, such as the Empire State Building in New York, the Louvre Pyramid in Paris, the world financial center in Shanghai, China, the twin Dragon Tower in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and the rock and Roll Hall of fame in Cleveland

ppg has been continuously optimizing duranar coatings since its launch to meet the changing aesthetic, performance and sustainable development needs of architects and building owners. Major advances include the addition of sheet metal and other effects to expand the appearance options; Ultra-cool infrared reflective pigments are used to help reduce the cooling load of buildings; Duranar powder coating was developed and won the famous PPG R & D 100 award, which recognized the ability of the coating to reduce volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions and save the production of customized color powder coating

Brian Knapp, PPG director, coil and construction products, said that duranar coatings have been welcomed by generations of architects and building owners because of their ideal integration of aesthetics, reliability and performance. He said, "duranar paint can be formulated to provide a wide range of colors and effects, giving architects an almost unlimited design palette." "They also have unique chemical ingredients developed and refined by PPG, which can provide decades of color retention and chalk and chemical resistance even in the most challenging coastal and industrial environments.

duranar coatings are used in conjunction with proprietary PPG resins and pigments, and in combination with standard kynar500 or hylar 5000 PVDF resins. In fact, PPG helps popularize and improve PVDF coatings by becoming one of the first companies to authorize Kynar 500 resins Technology, which was first commercialized by Penn compressive strength Walt Corp. in the mid-1960s. PPG is still the only original and continuing license holder of this PVDF resin and has become an industry standard

more importantly, duranar coating with PPG exclusive formula produces strong molecular bonds, making the material almost free from continuous ultraviolet (UV) exposure and other environmental and atmospheric hazards, such as salt air, humidity, high temperature and acid rain. In fact, many original test panels coated with duranar product PPG were developed 50 years ago and are still under continuous exposure testing in South Florida

as part of the anniversary celebration, PPG will display duranar coatings throughout the year, providing special customer promotions and gifts. PPG will also introduce a special portal, which contains images and descriptions of landmark buildings completed with duranar paint, as well as articles, white papers and other educational materials

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