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PPG company plans to further expand the Asian market

the CEO of PPG company recently expressed the hope to further expand the Asian market share in the coming year, which will be achieved by merging small and medium-sized enterprises

Mr. Charles E. bunch, chairman of PPG, pointed out that after the acquisition of SigmaKalon group, the company's production of products in the coating, glass and chemical industries will be greatly increased. SigmaKalon is the second largest paint manufacturer in Europe

in October this year, PPG said that it would acquire SigmaKalon company for 3.1 billion, and this transaction is planned to be completed in January 2008. The acquisition of SigmaKalon will be listed in the 124 year history of the company. The acquisition is of great strategic significance to PPG's global expansion

bunch said in an interview with the media that PPG will make every effort to occupy the dominant position in the Asian market and improve its economic share. At the same time, increase investment in heavy industry

by contrast, the scale of PPG in Asia is still a little small. The company hopes to change in 2008. Next year, according to its consolidation and expansion strategy in Asia, we will see a change in the industry focus of PP, which has a decisive contribution to large-scale process processes with special capacity

in recent years, PPG group has acquired SPR, which caused the unbroken fiber yarn and delamination of CFRP workpieces, indicating the company's transfer from the current main industry to special material industries such as coatings and optical glass

the cost of rock wool and vitrified beads is high

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