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PPG and Bailian held the completion ceremony of titanium dioxide production and R & D base

recently, Bailian titanium dioxide production was officially completed for this R & D base, which was built in Jiaozuo, Henan Province. PPG Industry Company (PPG) and Henan Bailian Chemical Co., Ltd. held a grand ceremony for its completion

the new plant is scheduled to be officially put into operation in the first quarter of 2015 and will use the chlorination process to produce titanium dioxide. The total area of the plant is 366000 square meters, and the annual output of titanium dioxide is expected to reach 100000 tons, which can be expanded as needed. In addition, the new factory has also set up a 12000 square meter technology research and development center, which is mainly used for the application research of titanium dioxide in the field of coatings. The establishment of the R & D center will strengthen the cooperation between the two companies and speed up the R & D, testing and certification of a new generation of chlorinated titanium dioxide

Viktorassekmakas, executive vice president of PPG, said, "PPG attaches great importance to the cooperative relationship with Henan Bailian. We believe that the opening of the new plant will bring new opportunities for the development of clean and dry kerosene into the business of both parties. In addition, PPG will invest in Western China and strengthen cooperation with local enterprises according to customer needs."

it is reported that in 2012, PPG has signed a cooperation agreement with Henan Bailian - PPG provides chlorination technology to help it establish a chlorination titanium dioxide production base. In addition, PPG also signed a long-term supply agreement with Henan Bailian to purchase the company's titanium dioxide products, which are widely used in its factories around the world

after the completion of the project, the benefits brought to the two companies can increase accordingly, Promote the exchange of information that "design and multi-component functional parts have been firmly established in the use of interior decoration, which has driven the technological development of Henan baililian Chemical Co., Ltd.

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