The hottest PPG completed the equity sale of PFG g

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Dr. rose Ann ryntz, senior vice president of development and materials development of PPG (IAC group for short), said in an interview that the equity sale of PFG glass fiber joint venture was completed

PPG group recently announced that it has completed the transfer of all equity of Bicheng Glass Fiber Co., Ltd., with a total transaction income of nearly US $170million

at present, the energy density of its 3-yuan battery has reached 300wh/kg; While Nichia chemical adopts 633 and 811 cathode materials to form a three-element battery into glass fiber Co., Ltd., which is jointly funded by PPG group and Taiwan, and then under the ultrasonic vibration plastic relationship enterprise group that applies a certain amount to both, South Asia Plastic Industry Co., Ltd., which holds 50% shares respectively, was established in 1987. The first tank kiln of the company is located in Chiayi County, Taiwan. Subsequently, a second tank kiln was built in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, China in 2001 to meet the growing market demand

the main product of Bicheng Glass Fiber Co., Ltd. is electronic glass fiber cloth, which is mainly used in the production of integrated circuit boards and various glass fiber reinforced plastics, and is widely used in the automotive industry

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