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PPG appeared at the American Frame Building Expo with new paint

the industrial paint division of PPG industries (NYSE: PPG) recently participated in the 2013 Frame Building Expo to show the audience a full range of durastar (R) coil paint product lines and the new duraform (TM) coil paint series. This frame building Expo was held in Memphis, Tennessee, from February 22 to 24

ppg recently expanded durastar's product line by adding durastar SMP and durastar smpultra-cool (R) (previously named super (R) II and super II ultra cool coatings, respectively). According to the coating technology and abstracts, these two products are formulated with silicone modified polyester, which can be applied to harsh weather environments, and have excellent properties such as powdering resistance, fade resistance, moisture resistance and corrosion resistance. Durastar SMP ultra-low temperature coating adds PPG's unique infrared (IR) reflective coating technology, which can effectively reflect solar heat and keep buildings cool, so as to achieve energy-saving effects

all durastar coating products adopt PPG's proven advanced formulas, which have been successfully applied to many buildings and construction products in the past ten years, with excellent UV durability, good hardness, and primer optimization characteristics

PPG also exhibited the new generation of duraform polyester coatings at this exhibition. Duraform is designed by PPG for specific markets, and its product performance is more excellent. Duraformbp coating has better UV durability and stain resistance, and is specially designed for the application of construction products. Other products of duraform series are based on PPG's original truform (R) polyester coating product line, and have replaced truform (R) series due to target customers and vehicle cost pressure, lightweight requirements, etc. Products include: duraform AP for electrical equipment, duraform HV for HVAC components, and duraform Dr for category applications; Duraformtr for transportation; Duraform lf for lighting and duraform CP for consumer products

in addition, PPG also highlighted the new generation of duranar (R) coatings at the exhibition. As a famous 70% fluorocarbon coating product in the industry, duranar coil coating adopts a brand-new lead-free formula, improves the solar reflection index (SRI), and has a richer color selection. It also reminds people to pay attention to the use of the combustion performance of thermal insulation materials. There are great differences in the classification, scope, standards and policies of high-end product design levels for optimizing primer and other product levels

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