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PPG announced to raise the price of packaging coating products globally

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PPG (New York Stock Exchange code: PPG) recently announced an increase in the prices of all packaging coating technologies worldwide, with an increase range of about 8% - 10% after collection and filtration. This price adjustment came into effect on October 1st, 2018 (or according to the specific agreement of the product contract), and is applicable to all packaging coating products sold in major markets around the world

the continuous rise in raw materials, transportation, distribution and labor costs in various countries or regions is an important factor affecting this price adjustment

"PPG is still actively implementing cost control measures. However, if we need to implement our commitment to product innovation and create a new generation of coating technology for customers and end users, this price adjustment is of great significance." Amy, senior vice president of PPG packaging coating, and the operator can operate the equipment and serve the production independently, Ericson said

PPG sales representatives will further communicate with customers on other specific details of product price adjustment

PPG: we protect and beautify the world

PPG (NYSE Code: PPG) has been committed to developing and providing reliable paint, coating and material products for customers for 135 years. Adhering to the spirit of dedication and innovation, PPG helps customers cope with all kinds of severe challenges and jointly promotes the progress of the industry. PPG is headquartered in Pittsburgh, the United States. Its operations and R & D institutions are located in more than 70 countries around the world. In 2017, the company's global net sales reached $14.7 billion. PPG provides high value-added products and services to customers in the fields of construction, consumer goods, industry, transportation and their after-sales markets. For more information, please browse

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