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PPG aluminum roll coating new color card promotion meeting co create a new vision of aluminum roll coating

PPG aluminum roll coating hydraulic universal experimental machine has a curve shaking state, mainly including the new color card promotion meeting co create a new vision of aluminum roll coating

January 22, 2019

December 27, 2018, PPG aluminum roll coating new color card promotion meeting and customer appreciation dinner hosted by the Coex team of building metal building materials coating were held in Shanghai, As one of PPG Innovation Day series activities, we invite experts from design institutes, consulting companies, curtain wall companies and aluminum coating companies to appreciate the latest aluminum coating technology, special effect color cards, share the latest information of the industry, issue PPG aluminum customers' authorized qualifications for the new year, and thank customers for their support for PPG over the years

ppg aluminum roll coating new color card book contains color cards with special effects such as wire drawing, chameleon, high flicker, suede, grain and so on. On the other hand, through participating in this seminar, the product system, performance parameters, coating characteristics, quality assurance and other major aspects are discussed in detail. The market capacity of plastic extruder will be further expanded and introduced, which has been recognized by customers

during the meeting, the development of PPG group was introduced to the guests, with emphasis on the coating and quality assurance of new aluminum coil products. The introduction of the market team on customer resources, project tracking, market development and cooperation with partners has attracted extensive attention from customers

the discussion and Q & a session in the meeting was also unprecedentedly heated. The main problems focused on the effect and detection of self-cleaning paint products, the solution of suede scratches and antifouling, matte varnish, substrate thickness limit of special effect products, etc. PPG technical team gave detailed answers one by one

finally, there was a grand and grand customer authorization ceremony. Mr. Ding Minxi, commercial director of PPG building metal building materials coating China, and Mr. Li Dexiang, sales manager of coil aluminum China, issued authorization certificates to our customers who have long supported and helped us

this promotion ended with a lot of laughter. This event is not only a grand event for PPG to promote new products for customers and partners, but also an efficient discussion and communication on each other's future development

I believe that in 2019, PPG will reach complete cooperation with old customers and more new customers, and work together to build a better world

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