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PPG aviation division develops chrome free quick drying aircraft windshield sealant

provides a new environmentally friendly sealant for PPG windshield glass

Sylmar, California, USA, March 19, 2009 - PPG industries (NYSE Code: PPG) aviation materials division has developed a chrome free sealant for aircraft windshield glass, and its development and utilization have led to a new discipline - regenerative medicine and cockpit cover. According to PPG company, the curing time of this product is more than half shorter than that of the previous generation of sealant, and it has better product performance

john sands, global business platform manager of PPG aviation sealant, said that pr-1425 CF sealant has begun commercial sales and will be used for aircraft windshield and cockpit covers manufactured in Huntsville, Alabama, USA, Sylmar, California, and papaspace, a PPG subsidiary in casavetto vapiro, Italy

sands said, "for 30 years, pr-1425 sealant has become the standard of aircraft windshield sealant, and the new pr-1425 CF sealant combines environmental protection formula with rapid curing, improving rain erosion and reducing moisture permeability."

anthony stone, global director of new business development of PPG aviation glass, pointed out that the use of pr-1425 CF sealant enables PPG to provide better chrome free moisture-proof sealing for aircraft windshield glass and cockpit cover than the previous generation products, and the manufacturing process produces a structural seal equivalent to the structure produced by FFF method

stone said, "we have always told airline operators that maintaining moisture-proof seals is the best way to strengthen the convergence of industrial talents and keep the aircraft windshield glass in the best condition. Now we have better products to make this maintenance easier. Due to the fast curing speed of pr-1425cf, it can reduce a lot of aircraft maintenance time and make them return to the blue sky faster."

after the comparative test and research of aircraft flying in North America, the new generation of sealant has been tested on the windshield of PPG aircraft for more than a year

the unique formula of pr-1425 CF sealant will not lead to the cracking of glass, polycarbonate and plexiglass

sands couldn't help saying, "apart from being used on PPG's self-produced aircraft windshield and cockpit cover, is there any better recognition of the product?"

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