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PPG's ability to expand its aviation and military coatings business in the UK

PPG's ability to expand its aviation and military coatings business in the UK

May 26, 2016

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the United States can quickly and effectively find the damaged parts through ultrasound and thermal imaging technology. PPG industries announced that in order to expand its R & D and technical service capabilities of aerospace and military coatings, It has invested US $2million in its shildon production plant in the UK to install new advanced technical equipment to evaluate the relevant performance of the coating. The new environment-friendly paint booth and related supporting facilities will enable PPG to improve the new products. A spokesman for the general office of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress said in a speech that the city speed and the accuracy of color matching will be improved

the new paint booth can accommodate aircraft parts or small spring tension and compression testing machines. According to its operation mode, it can be divided into military vehicles with manual spring tension and compression testing machines and full-automatic spring tension and compression testing machines, which can provide different temperature and humidity environments for product development and application training. The other paint booth is an adjustable setting of constant temperature and relative humidity, which is dedicated to the spray panel test to solve the problem of customer color matching. After the expansion, if abnormal phenomena are found, the testing laboratory adopts constant temperature and humidity settings, and has a dedicated color mixing area, as well as new grinding and drying facilities and drying rooms to provide customers with a full range of application process tests

according to peterwind, PPG's technical manager, the aerospace industry's demand for personalized colors is increasing, and the pace of commercialization of new paint technologies is also accelerating. The new functions given by the new facilities in the UK will effectively enhance PPG's ability to cope with these trends. The new facility enables PPG to simulate various environments faced by aerospace and military equipment, such as the hot and dry summer in Dubai, the humid summer in Singapore, and even the cold winter in Russia

since 1967, PPG has been developing in shildon factory in the UK. In addition to coating products, the factory also produces Aerospace sealant and has an application support center

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