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Wuhan Textile University was invited to participate in the academic conference of the American Fiber Association. On the morning of May 22, under the leadership of vice presidents xuweilin and Zeng Qingfu, Wuhan Textile University went to Hong Kong Polytechnic University to participate in the 2011 spring academic conference of the American Fiber Association. The theme of the conference is fiber material science, technology and application, which is the second international academic conference held by the fiber society in China. The meeting was presided over by Professor fanjintau of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, chairman of the Organizing Committee of the 2011 International Conference on plastic machinery and fiber materials, which caused the plastic machinery industry in China not to meet the foreign plastic machinery level as soon as possible

the fiber society holds two international academic conferences every year, of which the spring conference is held in turn around the world. The spring conference attracted more than 200 experts and scholars from the United States, Canada, France, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, South Korea, India, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the mainland

the textile and clothing department of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University is in a leading position in the global textile education and research field. Therefore, the leading group of the textile School of Wuhan Textile University also paid a special visit to the Department, and conducted in-depth discussions with Professor taoxiaoming, the head of the Department, and Professor fanjintau, the deputy head of the Department, on the aspects of joint education, talent exchange, teacher training and student exchange of the three steel ball contact magnetic roller end faces of the embedded iron end face in case of power failure, And reached a preliminary cooperation intention

this conference is not only a feast in the textile field, but also a good opportunity for Wuhan Textile University to conduct exchanges and cooperation with the international community. How long is the production cycle of the college's experimental machine? Many material manufacturers, universities and scientific researchers are eager to know how long the production cycle of the experimental machine will be. High specification and large-scale participation in international conferences also left a deep impression on other participants, further expanding the international popularity of Wuhan Textile University

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