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On April 2, 2013, the national roadshow of EVA share customers' face-to-face communication set off at the new Binkai golden Silver Lake International Hotel in Wuhan! This activity consists of two parts: post press technical exchange of evergreen Co., Ltd. and field visit to Wuhan hongzhicai printing and packaging Co., Ltd

at the post press technical exchange meeting, wangjinhai, manager of the market development department of evergreen Co., Ltd., first made a speech, introducing the advantages of the products of evergreen Co., Ltd., so as to provide more value-added services for our customers. At the same time, we would like to thank our customers for their support and love for our products over the years. Then, pengzhangbo, the R & D Mechanical Design Engineer, liushuai, the manager of the customer training center, and Guan Shizhong, the manager of the product department of the product inspection machine, respectively gave a detailed technical explanation on the solutions that are more convenient for web paper, sheet fed paper, and the post printing and recycling of the product inspection machine. During the customer Q & a session, they answered in detail the actual problems in production, machine operation and maintenance specifications, common fault solutions, special process essentials, and standard operation methods

after the meeting, we went to Wuhan hongzhicai printing and packaging Co., Ltd. for a field visit. Hongzhicai has 20 models, including the mk820sw round pressing web bronzing machine, mk920ss double unit bronzing machine, mk420 single sheet paper inspection machine, mk1060er full waste removal die cutting machine, mk550fbii high speed automatic box pasting machine on the car, mk1060dp single sheet paper inkjet printer, etc. These machines are now in normal high-speed operation of rainbow color, providing more value-added for the printing and packaging business of rainbow color. At the same time, it is worth congratulating that in 2012, the web circular pressing and stamping machine mk820sw of EVA shares created a new speed of 120 m/min for cigarette package hot stamping in Wuhan rainbow color, greatly exceeding the agreed speed of 70 m/min, breaking through itself, and creating a new record for cigarette label hot stamping in one fell swoop! This represents that EVA is not only in R & D and design, but also in product production, quality inspection, logistics, training and other important links of product sales, striving to achieve excellence for customers! At the same time, we sincerely thank rainbow color for its strong support to the face-to-face activities of evergreen customers

this roadshow was recognized by the majority of cigarette packaging enterprises and nearly ten million sales contracts were signed. Enterprises participating in this event include Hubei golden Three Gorges Printing Co., Ltd., Wuhan Hongjinlong Printing Co., Ltd., Wuhan Xinte decoration printing Co., Ltd., Guangxi Zhenlong color printing packaging Co., Ltd., Kunming wucai Printing Co., Ltd., Yunnan Chuxiong Lucheng Color Printing Co., Ltd., Sichuan Yibin Wuliangye exquisite printing Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Jinjia Color Printing Group Co., Ltd., etc

it is reported that the face-to-face activities of EVA's customers will be carried out in five regions in an orderly manner

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