Wuhan Longfa warehouse Paper Logistics Park opened

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Wuhan Longfa warehouse Paper Logistics Park started construction in Yangluo Economic Development Zone before it was used. Wuhan Longfa warehouse Paper Logistics Park officially started construction in Wuhan Yangluo Economic Development Zone. Paper products will become the fifth largest logistics industry in Yangluo Development Zone after steel, coal, grain and commerce

Longfa warehousing and logistics park is jointly invested by China Shipping Group and Wuhan Longfa warehousing and Logistics Co., Ltd. with a planned land area of more than 65000 square meters, taking advantage of the water transportation advantages of Yangluo deep-water port Tiancheng and connecting rivers and seas, and taking paper logistics as the main body, the project is expected to be completed in 2009

at present, Yangluo Development Zone has reached a settlement agreement with UPM group, Indonesia Jinguang group, Japan Prince paper and other top 500 professional paper products companies in the world. They will build an energy efficiency testing machine for the electronic tension continuous improvement system in Yangluo Development Zone, which is a precision testing instrument covering the distribution center of finished paper in Central China, Southwest China and Northwest China

logistics is one of the six hundred billion yuan industries in Yangluo's plan and an important item in the ten billion yuan park. At present, five logistics types have been formed, including steel, commerce and trade, coal distribution, rice, warehousing, and miscellaneous parts distribution logistics investors are about to settle in. After the formation of the whole logistics industrial park, the annual benefit will exceed 10 billion yuan. At present, more than 10 enterprises have invested in Yangluo logistics park

in 2007, the handling capacity of Yangluo deepwater port will reach 150000 TEUs, 210000 TEUs around 2011 and more than 260000 TEUs in 2020. According to the plan, 10billion yuan will be invested in the near future, which can drive more than 500 enterprises to form a large logistics park covering an area of more than 10000 mu, generating an annual industrial and trade income of 20030billion yuan, and accommodating 100000 people to use carbon fiber reinforced composites (CFRP) to manufacture aircraft airframes (wings and fuselages)

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