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Wuhan Xinzhou customized transformers for small and micro enterprises to increase capacity and save more than 100000 yuan for enterprises Wuhan, December 20 (Xinhua) -- on December 19, the staff of the State Grid Wuhan Xinzhou district power supply company routinely came to the people's Square, Fucheng street, Xinzhou District, to overhaul the transformers. This behavior was frequently praised by Zeng Zhiping, manager of Hubei Judian new energy company. "The transformer was installed in a timely manner, which saved us at least 100000 yuan in cost. More importantly, it ensured the reliable use of electricity for our charging pile. Moreover, after the transformer was installed, the power supply company regularly came for 'physical examination' for maintenance."

Zeng Zhiping said that the transformer is a brand-new transformer specially "customized" by the power supply company for Hubei Judian New Energy Development Co., Ltd. to increase the capacity of the company's new energy charging pile

Hubei Judian New Energy Development Co., Ltd. is a small and micro enterprise registered in Xinzhou in 2018. Its business is mainly the R & D and installation of new energy vehicle charging facilities. With the increase of new energy vehicles, new energy vehicle charging piles have sprung up in Xinzhou. In Xinzhou District People's Square alone, the new energy company has installed 19 charging piles for new energy vehicles, of which the maximum power is 120 kW and the minimum is 7 kW. At the beginning of installation, 19 charging piles have been "supported" by the Plaza transformer with a capacity of 315 KVA in front of Xinzhou Taxation Bureau. Later, due to the increase of charging vehicles, the power supply has increased, and the maximum monthly power supply has reached 100000 kwh, exceeding 20% of the original capacity. The original Plaza transformer has been unable to overload power supply, and the energy company will be in a dilemma of unable to use electricity normally

after being informed of the situation, Xinzhou district power supply company took the initiative to communicate with the enterprise at home, asked and inspected the enterprise's existing load usage and power demand for later production, at the same time, investigated the existing low-voltage power supply conditions such as power supply radius, line diameter direction, measurement parameters and peak load, and formulated a construction scheme for such high and low temperature experimental machines during data testing, It provides the Jinan universal testing machine with the function of "point-to-point" accurate service for the enterprise by telegram

after the formulation of the scheme, the power supply company immediately organized more than 10 staff to install the transformer, and finally completed the construction of a new 400 KVA transformer, a new 15m pole, 200m conductor erection, 200m cable laying and pipe laying, 7 new cable branch boxes, and a new transformer. The company no longer has to worry about using electricity for the charging pile

the relevant person in charge of Xinzhou district power supply company said that supporting the development of small and micro enterprises in one vehicle and "zero access" for small and micro enterprises can stimulate new momentum for the development of small and micro enterprises. In 2019, Xinzhou district power supply company made great efforts to optimize the business environment, accepted more than 15200 applications for various installations throughout the year, reduced customers' electricity handling costs by more than 6million yuan, and created a more high-quality power supply business environment with accurate and standardized services. (Liu Hui, Li Dan)

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