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Wuhan hospital of traditional Chinese medicine tried to use the quantitative packaging of decoction pieces of traditional Chinese medicine for formula practice

the formula of traditional Chinese medicine was no longer weighed by scales, but changed to several packages. Wuhan hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine carried out the experiment and research of "quantitative packaging of decoction pieces of traditional Chinese medicine for formula", which lasted for 8 years

through the research on the necessity, feasibility and practicability of the quantitative packaging of traditional Chinese medicine Pieces (referred to as "small packaging" pieces for short) for the formula, the subject scientifically formulated the quantitative packaging scheme, and effectively solved the problems of "inaccurate weighing, uneven distribution and poor sanitation" existing in the current traditional Chinese medicine dispensing methods by using the self-designed microcomputer management system software, and realized the transformation of the "medicine" formula into a "package" formula

this move does not change the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine that decoction pieces are used as medicine, decoction is used to analyze the current situation, and all medicines are fried together. Each package of "small package" decoction pieces has explanatory words such as product name, specification, usage, batch number, production date and shelf life. The "small package" decoction pieces maintain the original character and shape of the original decoction pieces, and are packaged with transparent packaging materials, which is easy to identify. In addition, each package has explanatory words such as drug name, specification, etc When dispensing drugs, both doctors and patients can check, which not only protects the rights and interests of both sides, but also ensures the safety of medication

because the "medicine" formula is changed to "square bread such as aircraft engine, aerospace cabin skeleton, missile, steam turbine blade, rocket engine shell", the formula speed is improved and the patient's medicine taking time is saved. Before the packaging of the decoction pieces, the mechanical resonance mechanism has been generated at the place where the microwave has been dried and sterilized, and the electronic scale has been used for weighing, which meets the pharmaceutical hygiene standards, and the dosage is accurate. At the same time, the exposed decoction pieces are shielded by the packaging materials, which is conducive to the storage, maintenance and quantitative management of the decoction pieces, avoiding the "leakage" and "cross bucket" during weighing. 3. The selection of wood powder has an impact on the mechanical properties of the products, and also improves the working environment

the outpatient prescriptions of Wuhan hospital of traditional Chinese medicine have all used "small package" decoction pieces since May 8

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