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The prospect of customized furniture makes many investors eager, but many investors also have many concerns

the prospect of customized furniture makes many investors ready to move, but many investors have such concerns, "we are only a county-level city here, or a county under the jurisdiction of the city, or even a township. Is there any development in making customized furniture here?" In fact, the market potential of county-level cities is infinite. In recent years, with the improvement of living standards in county-level cities, county-level cities tend to be Township and urbanization construction. The country also takes urban and rural housing construction as a new hot spot for China's economic growth and consumption, which naturally drives the development of the entire building materials and home furnishing industry, and the market prospect of customized furniture in county-level cities is more attractive

in the current first and second tier cities, the competition in the customized furniture market has been very fierce. With the rise of raw material prices, the operating costs are bound to increase, and the strength requirements for dealers will be higher. At present, the competition in the fourth and fifth tier urban and rural markets is not as fierce as that in the first and second tier cities, and they are both in the development or undeveloped stage. According to the survey of authoritative departments, the gross profit of most brand furniture products is more than 40%, and some are even higher. The price of second-line furniture brands such as Yigao furniture is relatively low, which is within the range of affordable purchasing power of county-level urban and rural consumers. With the continuous improvement of the consumption capacity of county-level urban and rural consumers, the profit space of customized furniture franchisees as terminals will be larger and larger

the advantage of the customized furniture market in county-level cities is that the operation cost is lower than that in the first and second tier cities, and the cost can be recovered faster. In the first and second tier cities, the cost of opening a customized furniture store of more than 100 square meters is high, while the investment of opening a store in county-level urban and rural areas only needs about 200000. Therefore, the investment of investors is relatively small, and the risk is also small. This is also the main reason why the customized furniture franchise market in county-level cities is more popular

furniture is more important in daily life, and the customized furniture in the whole house looks the most beautiful, with unity and integrity. Now the finished furniture sold on the market feels like there are not many, a little stereotyped, nothing special! So that friends who pursue personality gradually like to choose custom furniture! Because customized furniture can design your own furniture according to your preference and room size! You can integrate your personality into it. The whole house furniture customization is a furniture customization design service. The whole house furniture customization is the exclusive furniture made by furniture enterprises on the basis of mass production and according to the design requirements of consumers. Customization has become the mainstream at present, because of its high cost performance and various choices of finishes and textures, which can achieve different decorative effects ". In today's era of non duplication, non unification and pursuit of personalized home decoration, customized furniture is increasingly favored by the public. Personalized demand has become the general trend

whole house customized furniture is not only a choice of furniture, but also a choice of lifestyle, providing consumers with a pleasant one-stop new experience of whole house furniture, so that consumers can fully enjoy the great benefits and fun of whole house customization. The whole house furniture customization is a private customization that saves more money, effort, time and personality! The whole house customization of Yigao home allows consumers to feel the future home life in the real model home, and perfectly integrates the overall style with the local beauty. The new pattern makes all consumers who come to visit applaud. A new home experience, a noble way of life, and a fashionable cultural enjoyment are perfectly presented in front of consumers

whole house Furniture Customization conforms to the development of the new era, meets the increasing needs of consumers, and shows its vigorous development strength. It will inevitably occupy the mainstream position in China's home furnishing market in the future and become a new direction for the home furnishing industry in the future. So it's a good choice to open a whole house custom franchise store in a county-level city. If you want to invest, you can consult us online





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