Lanjue wallcovering chooses its founder and madam

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Lanjue wallcovering has found another way to choose the founder and his wife as the spokesperson. It is the first and only enterprise in the industry that uses the founder and his wife as the brand image spokesperson

in recent years, wall coverings have become an important choice for the consumption upgrading of the home decoration industry. The high growth rate leads the building materials industry, and the polarization competition in the industry is fierce. China's wall fabric industry started late and developed rapidly. Considering the rapid growth and huge potential of the industry, enterprises' awareness of brand building is also increasing

in order to shape brand image and improve popularity, many wall covering enterprises employ stars as image spokesmen. LAN Jue has found another way to choose the founder and his wife as the spokesperson, which is the first and only enterprise in the industry with the founder and his wife as the brand image spokesperson

choosing the chairman's wife as the brand spokesperson not only contains the deep feelings of the founder and his wife, but also has a touching entrepreneurial experience behind it

8 years ago, he was the marketing planning director of a real estate company in Hangzhou. She was the credit manager of a bank. By chance, the two met and fell in love. After getting married, the two decided to leave the glamorous industry and stable life, go into business together, enter the unfamiliar wall fabric industry, and start from scratch to create Lanjue

everything is difficult at the beginning. In the first three years of establishing the brand, he started from the warehouse, and the summer in the south is best described as "steaming". He was in the scorching sun, and his T-shirt was soaked with sweat. The repeated overlapping sweat in circles is the proof that the clothes were wet, wet and dry; She has several responsibilities, including product matching, finance and personnel management. She is burdened with multiple pressures. For her young, this is really not an easy job

Lanjue wall fabric infiltrates love into the brand, and is committed to inheriting Oriental weaving technology, making it perfectly combine with modern life, and improving the quality of modern life and happiness index. Mr. Ni paid his youth and worked hard for his small family at the beginning, and now he is shouldering the big family of hundreds of dealers. Mr. Ni deeply understands the importance of "love" and "perseverance" for the family. In the future, Lanjue will live up to the trust of his family and lead more followers to fight another world

those who only pay attention to their intentions enjoy extraordinary, and the spokesperson of Lanjue wallcovering is every excellent Lanjue person who devotes himself to the development of the brand. Life can't wait for others to arrange. You have to fight and struggle by yourself. You are not willing to be ordinary Lanjue people. You deserve this honor

help the brand "Lanjue annual meeting is coming

fusion ・ empowerment ・ sharing the future

2019 Lanjue wall fabric dealers annual meeting

flowers bloom for love

time: March 27-29

location: Qiandao Lake 5A scenic spot, Zhejiang Province




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