Beware of decoration loans as bait

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Li Jing

unsecured decoration loans, like other personal credit, have bottlenecks for banks that are difficult to investigate the lender's credit and difficult to recover. Considering the difficulties of banks, at present, some decoration companies have introduced the loan method of corporate guarantee for customers. Facing decoration companies with fixed assets, bank loans are much more reassuring, but this is tantamount to transferring the loan risk to decoration companies. How decoration companies bear the risk also needs to be solved. Through understanding, at present, some non-standard decoration companies use decoration loans as a pretext to attract customers. If customers want to get the loan, they have to sign a home improvement contract. After signing the contract, these companies either do not work as a guarantor for customers at all, or they are not qualified to provide legal person guarantee. After delaying for 10 days and a half months, tell the customer that they can't get the loan, and most people can only suffer a loss. Otherwise, they have to pay 10% of the contract amount as compensation for returning the contract. To prevent falling into the trap, insiders told consumers three countermeasures. First of all, we should confirm that the decoration company has signed an agreement with the loan bank, which can be used as a guarantee. Secondly, let the decoration company provide a written guarantee to be your guarantor. Finally, after the loan is released, it cannot be directly transferred into the account of the decoration company. It's best to set up another account in the bank, and each transfer of money can be transferred to the decoration company's account only with your consent




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