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New solid wood table panels shocked the Shanghai international kitchen and bathroom Exhibition - high quality solid wood table panels

in May 2010, when the products and samples of the new solid wood table panels of century Lunde appeared in the 15th kitchen and bathroom exhibition in the international metropolis Shanghai, it quickly attracted the attention of a large number of peers and the favor of consumers

the new solid wood table panel has been exhibited in Shanghai for the first time since it entered the Chinese market in 2008. During the exhibition, the new solid wood table panel has become the focus of attention of the exhibition because of its health and environmental protection, excellent performance, excellent quality and exquisite workmanship. The products are simple, fashionable and beautiful. A number of news media interviewed the exhibition of the new solid wood table, and dozens of dealers and production enterprises reached cooperation intentions with century Lund. Many people on the scene praised that "the new solid wood table is worthy of being the most authentic product in the table panel market today"

the series of products exhibited by century Lund at the Shanghai exhibition will further establish the position and leading advantage of using solid wood as table panels in the domestic market. Undoubtedly, the new solid wood table panels introduced and produced by century Lund will be the leader in the domestic table panel market





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