Taiwan Liyu super heavy-duty paper pallet

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Taiwan Liyu super heavy-duty paper pallet

good packaging protective materials see Figure 1 in this station. It should not only be solid and safe, but also be recycled to meet environmental protection requirements; Taiwan Liyu paper products Co., Ltd. has long been pursuing firmness, safety and environmental protection. The protective angle paper and super heavy-duty paper pallets produced by the company are ideal modern packaging materials

in view of the endless occurrence of corner and edge damage during the transportation and storage of products, Liyu paper products Co., Ltd. has devoted itself to developing various types of protective corner paper for packaging that take into account safety and environmental protection. Because it is composed of high-strength long fiber kraft board with wear rate (V) and water-soluble cold glue, it can protect articles from impact during transportation structurally

in addition, the super heavy-duty paper pallet developed and launched by the company is made of 100% recycled corrugated paper materials. It has good moisture resistance and super structural design. In addition to meeting the needs of environmental protection, it has also successfully replaced the iron pallet because of its light weight, low cost and the immaturity of bearing more than 5 metric tons


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