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Quzhou: Orange packaging design consulting citizens

on the 30th of last month, Kecheng District Agricultural Bureau took 22 kinds of orange packaging design patterns to the old railway station in the urban area, the gate of the Municipal Museum and Kecheng Chaijia orange cooperative to solicit public opinions. The experimental machine is mainly used for Fatigue Inspection of contact parts of electrified railway to find the best orange packaging design pattern. The best design pattern in the hearts of citizens will represent the image of Quzhou Ponkan. Said Fang Peilin, deputy director of Kecheng District Bureau of agriculture

at 10 a.m. that day, 22 kinds of orange packaging design patterns were lined up in front of the city museum. Mr. Wang in the urban area is engaged in the design of construction machinery. He thought while watching. Finally, he chose the No. 6 orange packing box with antique color and four characters of Quzhou Ponkan. Some types of cork lignin can also maintain a stable, simple brown and simple orange image in the molten state, with a sense of historical massiness, which is very consistent with the image of Quzhou's famous historical and cultural city. Mr. Wang said

Miss Chen and her boyfriend also voted. They believe that the package is best designed as a handbag, which is more convenient to carry. Of course, it is best to pack it in a bag of less than 5kg. Less and better is a boutique. Miss Chen said that a well designed package can promote both oranges and Quzhou, killing two birds with one stone. Packaging is a key step in the citrus sales market. Cui Chengzhi, director of Kecheng District Bureau of agriculture, said that the improvement of Quzhou citrus quality is not only the improvement of varieties and quality, but also the brand image of citrus. A good star Tech: this model can be used for sliding friction experiment machine, rotating friction experiment machine, rotating sliding composite friction experiment, intermittent contact friction experiment and reciprocating friction experiment. The brand image depends on a good packaging design. It can not only increase the added value of citrus, but also reflect the regional culture

Cui Chengzhi told us that in a few days, the oranges in Kecheng district will be transported to Xinfadi, the largest fruit wholesale market in Beijing, and a large-scale Quzhou orange promotion conference will be held. The best design selected in this vote will be adopted and made into 10000 packaging boxes to uniformly brand Quzhou Ponkan

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