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Portable magnetic generator, diesel generator "Title =" permanent magnet power 15kw diesel generator, portable generator "ALT =" permanent magnet power 15kw diesel generator Portable generator "/>

permanent magnet power 15kw diesel generator and portable generator are equipped with weak self-developed four stroke engine. They have obvious advantages of high extinguishing efficiency and low noise. Intelligent control system has won many patents. Low oil pressure warning, intelligent AVR system, ATS active power source change-over switch and other humanized construction make our small diesel generator set highly trusted by users at home and abroad.

diesel generator set is a The utility model relates to a small power generation equipment, which refers to a power machine that uses diesel oil in different tension ranges as fuel and diesel engine as the prime mover. The whole unit is generally composed of diesel engine, generator, control tank, fuel tank, starting and control battery, shelter assembly, emergency cabinet and other components. All can be firmly and fundamentally positioned for use, and can also be installed on the trailer for mobile use

permanent magnet power 15kw diesel generator, portable generator product features

has strong technical force to provide you with perfect and excellent services! The silent diesel generator without supervision detects the number of sliding poles and confirms the position in the middle of oscillation through the track change of impedance. In the environment of short-circuit fault, fragmentary oscillation, voltage circuit disconnection and so on, take protective measures. Asylum for ordinary measures in the signal; When the oscillation center is outside the generator transformer unit, the protection section I starts and sends a tripping command through T1 (0.5s), which is used for disconnection and de excitation; When the oscillation is outside the generator transformer unit, the asylum section II starts and sends a signal through T2 (2S). The shelter is equipped with current locking assembly to ensure that the current does not exceed the additional step-down breaking current of the circuit breaker when the circuit breaker is disconnected. It has completely solved the difficulties perplexing the control scope of the generator set, which is the active system with the public controller as the core structure. At present, it is mainly used in the fields of automobile, aircraft and wind power blades. These public controllers are tailored for the generator set, integrate a variety of functions, throw off the huge core circuit, and make the active control system become huge at the same time. These public controllers mostly adopt advanced micro processor and control technology. Their reliability and environmental adaptability are greatly improved compared with PLC. At the same time, many parameters can be set according to the actual environment, which is very flexible to use. The low-frequency accumulation shelter reflects the accumulation effect of the impact of piecemeal frequency drop on the steam turbine. The shelter is composed of an active frequency relay and counter, which is locked through the auxiliary contact of the outlet circuit breaker (that is, when the generator is put into operation, the low-frequency accumulation shelter is also put into operation). When the cumulative piecemeal frequency is lower than the frequency setting value of 47.5hz, when the cumulative time reaches the setting value of 3000 seconds, it will be delayed for 30 seconds to send a signal. The assembly can be supervised in time during operation: the display of fixed value, frequency f and cumulative time

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