The hottest natural rubber rose by 3 to a new high

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Natural rubber rose 3% to a new high in the year.

Natural Rubber Futures on Shanghai Futures Exchange rose strongly on the 19th, and the main contract closed up 3% to a new high in these product portfolios in the year. Tianjiao futures rose simultaneously on the Tokyo exchange, with strong gains in both internal and external markets

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non ferrous metals: overnight, the London Metal Exchange closed at $6880/ton, up $54. On the 19th, the copper futures contract on the Shanghai Futures Exchange opened flat and low, rose in the afternoon, and closed higher as a whole. The price of major contracts changed by -50-350 yuan, with 337100 transactions and 19200 positions reduced to 350500. The main contract 1002 of Shanghai copper opened 60 yuan higher at 53650 yuan/ton, reached 53760 yuan/ton higher in the session, and fell 53300 yuan/ton. It closed at 53540 yuan/ton, down 50 yuan from the settlement price of the previous trading day. Its position was reduced by 20100 hands to 166200 hands, and the trading volume was 246700 hands

energy and chemical industry: on the 19th, natural rubber futures on the Shanghai Futures Exchange opened higher and closed higher across the board. At the close, the prices of major contracts rose by 380-710 yuan, with 982300 transactions, and the positions decreased by 33100 to 268500. The main contract of Shanghai Jiaotong 1003 opened 390 yuan higher at 21400 yuan/ton, reached 21960 yuan/ton higher in the session, reached 21335 yuan/ton lower in the day, and closed at 21640 yuan/ton, up 650 yuan. Positions decreased by 28100 to 196900, with a total of 926700 transactions throughout the day

agricultural products: on the 19th, the cotton futures of Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange opened high and went low. The main contract 1005 opened at 15510 yuan/ton, and the closing should be opened 1 (300 ± 30) mm behind the top of the box × The air outlet of (1000 ± 100) mm closed at 15395 yuan/ton, with closed-loop control; The load range is 100 kn to 2000 kn, which is 100 yuan/ton lower than the settlement price of the previous trading day. A total of 107800 transactions were made throughout the day, and the position increased to 158600. From the 20th, the central reserve cotton will continue to sell 500000 tons of reserve cotton out of the warehouse, including 361000 tons of national reserve cotton in 2006/07 and 139000 tons of national reserve cotton in 2008; The bidding reserve price is 12900 yuan/ton and 13000 yuan/ton respectively

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