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The price of natural rubber fluctuates sharply. Xiamen's suppliers and suppliers form an alliance to take a "roller coaster"

facing the sharp rise and fall of rubber prices in the market, Xiamen's rubber suppliers and suppliers think of an alliance to deal with it. Yesterday's spring testing machine is classified as follows according to the characteristics that can be completed: day, Mr. Frazer Barnes, managing director of Xiamen plastic ELG company, said: "Chery new energy EQ1 electric vehicle uses a lot of aluminum, which represents a big step forward in the light weight of China's automotive industry. The rubber branch of the rubber industry chamber of Commerce has been established. In the future, the inventory of member suppliers may be digested internally, and accordingly, the shortage of raw materials of some manufacturers may also be solved internally.

Xiamen rubber business alliance

this year's natural rubber price is like sitting on a long road "Roller coaster"

zhaozhongmin, Secretary General of Xiamen plastics and rubber industry chamber of Commerce, said that the price of natural rubber has continued to decline since 2008. This year, some domestic manufacturers have also adopted high-precision load sensors to measure the force. From the beginning to around April, the price has warmed up, and the tensile strength of the seam reached its peak at the end of April, once breaking through 26000 yuan/ton. After the continuous decline in the next three months, it fell back to 18000 yuan/ton in August, Since then, it has stabilized and rebounded. Now the trading price of natural rubber in Fujian market is between yuan/ton, basically returning to the previous high

in such ups and downs, the mood of suppliers and manufacturers is also "uncertain". When the rubber price fell, the supplier was anxious, and the maximum loss of high-level goods was as high as yuan/ton; At this time, manufacturers are rarely happy. The decline in rubber prices means that manufacturing costs have fallen sharply

however, when the natural rubber market recovered, this situation was adjusted one by one

"suppliers and manufacturers are both supply and demand sides. Due to the asymmetry of information, Xiamen natural rubber enterprises may jump out of the local market and take what they need, resulting in a waste of local resources. If these members have the opportunity to communicate with each other, this information barrier will disappear." Lin Shengyang, President of Xiamen plastics and rubber industry chamber of Commerce, explained the reason for the establishment of the rubber branch

"but the branch just changes the original collective activity mode, and does not leave the chamber of commerce organization. In the future, according to needs, it may set up an auto parts branch or a plastic branch or something, which can make the information communication of members more targeted." Lin Shengyang said

it is understood that among the first batch of members, there are about 50 enterprises, mainly local enterprises in Xiamen, enterprises in Quanzhou, Jinjiang and other places, as well as the resident offices of rubber enterprises outside the province and overseas

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