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Can the late rise of pig iron market continue

recently, driven by the continuous rise of the upstream raw material market and the downstream steel market, coupled with the shortage of pig iron market resources, the pig iron market has also seen a continuous rise, with a large increase. Recently, when the upstream and downstream markets are weak, there is still an upward trend in individual varieties in individual regions of the pig iron market. However, whether the pig iron market rise can continue and how long it can last, let's see the analysis:

it is understood that at this stage, some iron mills have orders for about 10 days to produce, and it is difficult to make a deal at the current price, mostly small orders. At present, the iron plant is optimistic, but it is generally reflected that due to the high price of raw materials, the iron plant does not earn much profit

the continuous sharp rise in the price of pig iron in the early stage is mainly driven by the rise in the price of raw materials. If the price of raw material testing machine continues to rise, the iron factory will still raise the ex factory price, but recently some areas may stop production due to the impact of environmental protection policies, and the output of pig iron cannot be ruled out to decrease

in terms of traders, some have completed stocking, and a few have purchased according to orders to maintain the early operation. Due to the rhythm of operation located in the center of passengers' vision, they have not been affected by the sharp rise in pig iron prices

in terms of terminal enterprises, they mostly adopt the method of purchasing as needed, and fewer enterprises store goods. They also believe that the current pig iron price is too high, and the price difference between scrap steel and pig iron is large. Therefore, scrap steel control is more accurate than pig iron

considering the above factors, the pig iron price is still in the upward trend in the short term. If the raw material price continues to rise at zero in the late stage, there is still room for the pig iron price to continue to rise

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