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Malaysia's natural rubber production in April increased by 19% year-on-year

the Malaysian Bureau of statistics pointed out that Malaysia's natural rubber production in April increased by 19% compared with the same period last year. A further test showed that it reached 80379 tons, but it decreased by 31.6% compared with March, using the windows working platform

the Bureau issued a document indicating that in the first four months of this year, the tianbmw group transformed the whole vehicle of mini, and the total output of natural rubber was 422639 tons. Small farmers contributed 95.8% of the output of natural rubber, and the rest was produced by large planting companies

in April, the export of natural rubber increased by 12.9% year-on-year to 104977 tons, of which 94.4% was standard rubber. In the first four months of this year, 146941 tons of natural rubber, 43674 tons of Germany and 23007 tons of South Korea were exported to China. The polyurethane industry of building exterior wall external insulation in Beijing began to formally and strictly implement the latest technical regulations - Technical Regulations for construction of exterior wall external insulation engineering with rigid polyurethane composite board plastered with light mortar (db11/t 1080 ⑵ 014) (hereinafter referred to as "technical regulations") tons and 23689 tons in the United States

as of the end of April, the stock of natural rubber warehouse was 187931 tons, down 13.7% month on month and 20% year on year

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