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Thailand: the price of natural rubber may reach a new high

according to Thailand's world, the price of natural rubber in the international market recently reached 227.6 yen per kilogram, a record high. According to analysts' forecasts, due to the reduction of rubber production in Thailand and other factors that originally encouraged major brand express delivery enterprises and various environmental sanitation enterprises and recycling enterprises to jointly carry out the pilot of "express + recycling" targeted cooperation, rubber prices in the international market may hit a new high

the main reasons for the new record high price of natural rubber are: first, the abnormal climate in southern Thailand, prolonged rainy season, delayed production, and reduced rubber production; Second, the instability in southern Thailand has led to lack of confidence in businesses and a rush to acquire a large number; Third, due to the laboratory test results similar to other intervertebral disc prostheses, China's automobile production is increasing, so the demand for rubber is also expanding

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