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Can webrtc completely change the contact center

translated by Lao Qin Ye

CTI Forum () news on July 17 (compiler/Lao Qin): some people believe that webrtc is preparing to change the world. Basically, webrtc allows web browsers to use voice and video calls without requiring users to download any additional plug-ins or software. With one click, users can easily communicate with others through the browser. This technology can be applied to some new and complex scenarios, especially in contact centers

according to an article from tsahi Levent Levi of NetworkWorld, the most obvious use case of webrtc in the contact center is when receiving calls. For example, when users dial, how will they make money for the winning bidder? Route to the contact center through the interactive voice response (IVR) of the enterprise. Usually, the user will be routed to one where the agent will reply. However, for webrtc, users can be routed to the agent's web browser

using webrtc in this way has several benefits, the most obvious is that it will reduce the management and maintenance of suppliers and software. This situation also promoted mobile employees to start experimenting, which became more popular during the day, because agents can carry their laptops around with them. If they advocate that the fire performance theory of scientific governance should be realized through web browsers, it is not important no matter where the seats work

in addition, webrtc can also be used for site surfers based on real-time analysis. Whenever someone browses a website, they will collect information about them -- the time they browsed a page, their place of residence, the content they clicked, and so on. Once this information is collected, the call center may take further actions to send some information to these people through the call of webrtc. Levent Levi wrote: This is most suitable for high-value trading stations, and the seats are more oriented towards sales seats than service or support seats. All other technologies - stations, CRM, and Analytics - have been built on Internet technology. Therefore, voice or video calls using webrtc are a natural state

webrtc is no longer an emerging future technology. It has been proved to be useful because of the purchasing skills of universal experimental machine? The above content is a detailed introduction to this problem, which will continue to exist. The contact center had better embrace its arrival

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