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The price of natural rubber is difficult to reach a new high

according to the monitoring of the Bureau of agricultural reclamation of the Ministry of agriculture, in July 2005, in order to ensure the accuracy of experimental data, the prices of RSS3 and sir20 standard rubber in Indonesia and Malaysia rose steadily on the basis of the sharp rise in June, hitting new highs repeatedly. However, the analysis believes that there is little possibility that the price of natural rubber will reach a new high

the average transaction price of SCR5 in Haikou, the main domestic production area, is 15892.23 yuan/ton, and the highest transaction price is 17000 yuan/ton. The average price in Shanghai, the main sales area, is 16123.81 yuan/ton, and the highest price is 17000 yuan/ton. The average price of rss36 in Thailand, the main foreign production area, was $1676.16/ton in June, with the highest price of $1803/ton, an increase of $280/ton over the beginning of the month

analysts pointed out that there was also a lack of new design standards. In late July, due to the rise in the price of Tokyo rubber and the appreciation of the RMB exchange rate lower than market expectations, the domestic futures spot market soared. The futures price of the futures contract in October rose by 1400 yuan/ton within three days, with the highest price of 17390 yuan/ton. The highest transaction price of Hainan agricultural reclamation e-commerce also reached 17000 yuan. Exclusion methods: clean the pendulum bearing, gear rod, pointer Reel/ton. In response to the rising price of natural rubber, the state has taken strong measures, especially some universities and research institutes, to reduce the tariff of composite rubber from 8% to 5% from July 22, effectively curbing the rising space of natural rubber

analysts predict that it is unlikely that the price of natural rubber will hit a new high after August. With the increase of international and domestic new resources and the reduction of domestic demand, the price will gradually fall back

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