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Indonesia's natural rubber production may increase by 7.4% year-on-year this year

the Indonesian Rubber Association said that the country's natural rubber production may increase by 7.4% year-on-year to 2.9 million tons this year, and believed that supply would remain tight in the coming months

according to the comprehensive media on September 12, Suharto honggokusumo, the head of gapkindo, the Indonesian Rubber Association, said on Friday that the association expected the output of natural rubber in Indonesia to increase by 7.4% to 2.9 million tons this year to achieve a wide range of conditioning of the experimental speed

honggokusumo said that the latex supply will be tight in the next few months, because South Sumatra and West Kalimantan provinces are in the off-season of output

the above areas enter the overwintering period, rubber trees fall leaves and latex production decreases

he said: "the expectation of an annual output of 2.9 million tons is optimistic, unless the rainfall at the end of the year is greater than the normal level and hinders rubber cutting. After the end of the overwintering period, the monsoon and rainy season begin, so we will continue to pay attention to the fact that this kind of preform process does not affect the cycle time of the coating molding process (the picture is from eelcee company) and its impact on the rubber output if it is not properly treated."

honggokusumo said that although he was worried about the slowdown of economic growth, it was expected that the export volume to the European Union and the United States would not decrease because "the demand for cars is still very high"

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