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Whether the introduction of the standard can save dimethyl ether enterprises

-- insiders believe that strict supervision, correct guidance and elimination of bottlenecks are the key

at present, Guangdong Province is soliciting opinions on the local standard "liquefied petroleum gas dimethyl ether compound fuel". If successful, the standard is expected to be released and implemented this year, and there will be rules to follow for local dimethyl ether blended liquefied gas. The local standards for the largest dimethyl ether Market in China are about to be issued, which makes many people see the prospect of dimethyl ether utilization in the field of civil gas. Then, can the introduction of the standard save the dimethyl ether production enterprises with generally insufficient operating rate at present

in the absence of national and industrial standards, Shandong, Chongqing, Guizhou and other places have long formulated local standards in order to meet the requirements of safe application of dimethyl ether and standardizing the market. However, it is understood that the introduction of DME mixing standards in these regions did not play a huge role in imagination

the lack of dedicated bottles is one of the key factors for the chaotic development of dimethyl ether fuel at present. According to ban Shilun, deputy general manager of Guizhou Zhongmin Gas Co., Ltd., almost all bottled LPG sold in the market in Guizhou Province are mixed with dimethyl ether, but there is no special bottle

Chongqing neiyin Fuel Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that uses special steel cylinders to produce and sell dimethyl ether compound fuel. Xuweixin, general manager of the company, complained, "we publicized the mixing proportion on the special gas cylinder after the cleaning resin on the exposed screw was cleared according to the standard, but other enterprises did not do so. The real goods we used special equipment could not enter the market, and were interfered by the enterprises that directly added dimethyl ether to the liquefied gas cylinder."

the survey found that these standards have become a form in some places, especially in the proportion of dimethyl ether mixed with liquefied gas exceeding the standard

"the current situation is that dimethyl ether can be added as much as you want when mixing liquefied gas." Said a dealer surnamed Chen in Qihe County, Shandong Province. In the absence of effective regulatory measures by quality inspection and other departments, driven by interests, illegal merchants are adding in violation of regulations

therefore, after Guangdong issued the exposure draft of liquefied petroleum gas dimethyl ether composite fuel, it was proposed that under the circumstances of difficult supervision, if the standard allows the addition of 20%, vendors will definitely dare to add 50%. If chaos still exists, enterprises will not be able to achieve sound development, and dimethyl ether will be difficult to be recognized by consumers and cannot be openly promoted on a large scale

insiders said that it is certainly a good thing to have standards, but it is very important for government functional departments to ensure the strict implementation of standards and realize standardized management. A director of Chongqing Quality Inspection Bureau said that the introduction of standards is a guide to the market, but it still needs a process to regulate the market. It is understood that the current inspection procedure of the local quality inspection department for gas cylinders is that regular inspection is free of charge, and irregular inspection (including report inspection) will only charge if it is found to be unqualified. The director said, "if we strengthen the regular sampling inspection of gas cylinders, who will pay the cost? And the inspection of dimethyl ether compound fuel involves many departments in the quality inspection department, and internal coordination is also a problem."

"standards alone are not enough. The key is how products flow to thousands of households." Rong Xihai, chief engineer of Jiufeng group, told me. Now it is required that the gas cylinder must be used for special purpose. At present, liquefied petroleum gas cylinders are mixed with dimethyl ether in the market. If we want to replace dimethyl ether special cylinders, Guangzhou alone needs more than 6 million. No dimethyl ether and liquefied gas business enterprise can afford to replace so many cylinders. This bottleneck restricts the large-scale promotion of dimethyl ether in the civil gas market, which needs the support of relevant government departments

Zeng Xiangzhao, member of the liquefied petroleum gas cylinder branch of the national gas cylinder Standardization Technical Committee and senior engineer of Guangdong Yingquan Steel Products Co., Ltd., said that in order for dimethyl ether to be recognized by consumers, government functional departments need to do something. 1. Impact testing machine can simultaneously measure linear positioning error, straightness error (biaxial), yaw angle, pitch angle and rotation angle. Especially in the current situation of credibility crisis, in order to make good use of this new energy, the relevant departments should guide consumers to correctly understand and make use of this new energy by regularly publishing the test results, strengthening the information disclosure to consumers, and publishing the list of formal slowing down units in our view

wangyunhua, vice chairman of Jiangxi Dadong energy and gas company, said that the regulatory authorities should clarify their attitude, increase the frequency of sampling inspection, and send personnel to station inspection to realize the force elongation, stress strain, force time, stress time, elongation time, strain time and other curve tracking experimental data. The relevant costs are extracted from the inspection fees. At the same time, production and operation enterprises should take measures such as promotion, and consumers will gradually accept dimethyl ether when there is a certain price difference with LPG

Zeng Xiangzhao also said that as a new energy source for environmental protection and energy conservation, dimethyl ether can also be used in industrial kilns, industrial boilers, Gas-fired central air conditioning and centralized gas supply in urban residential areas. In addition, dimethyl ether is widely used in steel forging heating, metal smelting heating, Gas-fired central air conditioning, industrial paint baking and epoxy resin powder heating curing, chemical reaction heat absorption devices, etc

Rong Xihai introduced that the 200000 t/a dimethyl ether unit of Jiufeng group is now in half load production. Therefore, they also adjusted their thinking and promoted it to the industrial application field for dimethyl ether pure combustion market. Guizhou Tianfu Chemical Co., Ltd. is also refining the market, promoting dimethyl ether pure burning to Guizhou Armed Police Corps, Guizhou University canteens and some restaurants, and has achieved good results

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