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Can the integration of VR technology into agriculture set off the next new trend

vr technology, also known as virtual reality technology, uses computer simulation to generate a three-dimensional virtual world, so that users can observe things in the three-dimensional space in a timely and unlimited manner as if they were experiencing their environment. Surprisingly, the application of VR technology in modern agriculture will also set off a new wave

autumn is coming, and many places have organized the Agricultural Expo in this harvest season. In the recent exhibitions of these agricultural fairs, we can see many novel things, one of which is the technology that attracts people's attention, namely VR, that is, virtual reality technology

the so-called virtual reality technology is the technical means to build a virtual space, and in this space, we can carry out the three-dimensional interaction that caused the sensation in the real world. A few years ago, VR technology ushered in a new era. Now, there are many practical ways to use it

for example, at the Harbin World Agricultural Expo held this month, some enterprises exhibited products using VR to grow corn. From reclamation, sowing to harvest, as long as you wear a VR helmet, you can experience the whole process, and the simulation degree is very high

what is the use of VR technology? Industry experts say, for example, that in the future, we can establish an agricultural virtual reality system to simulate the agricultural production environment and provide support for agricultural management and decision-making. What if diseases and pests break out? What is the impact of the flood? These can be simulated by using virtual reality and artificial technology, so as to find the best solution

experts' words actually point out the important direction of VR equipment development in the agricultural field in the future

now, the level of agricultural automation is constantly improving, and information technology is constantly being included in the process of agricultural production. This means that we can also monitor the situation in the field slowly through technical means. However, the monitoring data is abstract, and if we use VR technology, we can restore the data into images to intuitively reflect the abnormal situation in the field. At the same time, virtual display technology means that we can break through the inherent limitations. The details that we can't see and the unmanageable processes can be operated and managed intuitively through VR technology

at the same time, with the help of VR technology, we can formulate solutions to possible problems in agricultural production in a virtual environment. For problems such as floods, droughts, diseases and pests, we obviously can't do experiments in public in the natural environment, so VR can be used as a means of efficient crisis warning and finding solutions

in addition, we have seen that in the process of agricultural upgrading, the specialization of Chengdu continues to improve. In the future, those engaged in agriculture will no longer be farmers, but industrial workers. In this way, many people who are interested in engaging in agricultural production may not come from rural areas, and they will inevitably need training before taking up their posts. If they are allowed to work in the field, they will not only be trained to correctly set up the hardware of the software, the software setting cycle will be long, but also the cost of all aspects will be relatively high. If VR technology is used, they can break through the boundaries of time and space, so that these novices can obtain all kinds of knowledge they need at the fastest speed

of course, as we said earlier, the real role of VR in agricultural Lingyu requires the continuous improvement of agricultural automation and the continuous promotion of agricultural industrialization. As the latest entrance of human-computer interaction, VR will explode huge energy and bring a series of changes to agricultural development as long as the conditions are met

as the saying goes: VR technology is really novel, a new tool for agricultural production. Supporting technologies should be developed, and the conditions are powerful

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