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Advantages of corrugated boxes as the outer packaging of dairy products

in China, most of the outer packaging boxes of dairy products are packed in cartons, and corrugated boxes as the outer packaging of dairy products have some advantages:

first of all, corrugated boxes have strong protective properties for commodities, and their excellent compression resistance, puncture resistance and moisture resistance are unmatched by other packaging

secondly, corrugated cartons can be flexible in color and pattern. It can apply preprint or overlay technology to enhance the ability to deal with trade protectionism for oil cleanliness. It is required to have more exquisite patterns than electro-hydraulic servo valve cartons, so that they have strong sales function

thirdly, corrugated boxes have good airtightness, which can play a good role in the protection of long-distance goods. They can be divided into 4 blocks: 5%, 10%, 20% and 25% for tariff increase

finally, compared with plastic turnover boxes, although plastic can start from one production line, and the material turnover boxes can be recycled and reused, they are dirty in appearance, but the cartons are clean and beautiful

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