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On April 13, 2012, in the conference room on the first floor of Jizhuangzi sewage treatment plant, with the joint participation of leaders of entrepreneurial environmental protection group, leaders of Jizhuangzi sewage treatment plant, design institutes, supervisors, and time group, a comprehensive inspection and assessment of Jizhuangzi sewage treatment plant project was carried out, And successfully held the project acceptance meeting

Jizhuangzi sewage treatment plant is the first mature sewage treatment plant independently designed in China. The original design scale is 540000 tons/day. After this upgrading and reconstruction, the daily treatment scale is 450000 tons/day. It has an obvious benchmark in the sewage treatment industry, which can not only reduce the self weight of vehicles. The upgrading and reconstruction project of Jizhuangzi sewage treatment plant is a key project of Tianjin sewage treatment project, including the process equipment, electrical equipment and automatic control instrument equipment of the sewage treatment plant

since the date of signing the contract, the project has been successfully accepted on April 13, 2012 after more than one year of engineering configuration design and system commissioning by the Jizhuangzi engineering project team of Hollysys group. The project has been highly praised by Tianjin Chuangye environmental protection group, sewage treatment plant and Design Institute, and has sent letters of praise to our company twice. The successful acceptance and operation of the project not only laid a solid foundation for the establishment of a good strategic cooperative relationship between Hollysys group and Tianjin Chuangye environmental protection group in the future, but also greatly improved the influence of Hollysys in the municipal sewage treatment industry. With the perfect automatic control system solutions and high-quality products provided by Hollysys, Jizhuangzi sewage and water treatment plant can not only operate stably for a long time, but also substantially improve the operation efficiency and water treatment quality

Hollysys group will also work with customers to improve the localization level of domestic water treatment automation system through continuous technological innovation, and make more contributions to people's health, energy conservation and emission reduction. With the rapid growth of the water treatment market, the application scope of PLC in the water treatment industry is also expanding, and more emerging applications will enter people's sight and life. Hollysys will continue to give full play to its advantages, dig deep into the industry, make the water treatment industry more refined and deeper, and continue to uphold the business philosophy of sincerely envisioning for users, create professional and advanced solutions, cost-effective control products and value-added services for users, so as to achieve the goal of changing people's work, life and environment with automation, improve users' industrial competitiveness and create value

about Hollysys

founded in 1993, Beijing Hollysys group is a high-tech enterprise group that independently designs and manufactures automatic control system platforms and provides industry solutions and services. It is jointly recognized as a national enterprise technology center by the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of finance, the General Administration of customs and the State Administration of taxation. Hollysys mainly includes process automation, factory automation, machine control, nuclear power plant instrument control, railway automation, urban rail transit automation, medical equipment and diagnosis and treatment automation, Geon bio, as well as good thermal stability electronic manufacturing, paper strength testing machine, also known as paper strength tester automation industry investment management, so it can repair multiple business units on the surface of damaged armor on site

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