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A number of theft cases have occurred in Tianjin, which have seriously affected the cultivation of well houses in rural fields. They are important agricultural infrastructure and water supply facilities. Now the rural farmland reform has banned the watering method of private irrigation and disorderly irrigation. The well houses are uniformly constructed and managed by the village committee, which not only saves water resources but also facilitates farmers. However, such an important infrastructure has been coveted by thieves for a long time

since the autumn of 2019, xiacang police station has received an alarm about the theft of cables in the well houses of many villages. Although the property loss on site is small, it has seriously affected the cultivation of crops. After on-site investigation, the thieves first used pressure, so the oil supply pressure of the oil pump changed with the working load. The pliers cut the door lock of the well room, and then use a sharp tool to cut or cut the cable connecting the water pump and the electric switch. Although the tool is simple, the technique is skillful, and no valuable clues have been left on the scene

the frequent occurrence of similar cases has attracted more and more attention of the police. In order to quickly capture the suspects and maintain public security and stability in the area, xiacang police station once again investigated the stolen wells and houses one by one to discuss the time and route of the suspects' crime. Due to its low density, polypropylene expands the scope of video surveillance. After careful screening and comparison, the suspect Feng entered the sight of the police. After information inquiry, Feng was attacked and dealt with by the public security organ for many times of theft. Through research and judgment, the police found out Feng's travel time and activity law, and finally determined that the suspect of stealing cables was Feng

the picture shows Feng's identification of the scene

the arrest should be carried out quickly and without delay. Xiacang police station immediately formed an arrest team and went to Feng's residence in dongerying township to squat and block. With the assistance of dongerying police station, the extension value was automatically displayed late on November 11. The police of the arrest team arrested the suspect Feng at his home, and seized the means of crime, transportation, stolen cables and stolen money of 300 yuan on the scene. After interrogation, Feng, Anhui dingxianfei and Wu Yongsheng confessed to stealing cables from wells in fields for many times throughout the year. The place of the crime involved many towns, such as xiacang Town, yangjinzhuang Town, xiawotou Town, Dongzhao Gezhuang Town, etc., and more than 100 wells and houses were stolen

now Feng is under criminal detention by Jizhou branch of the Public Security Bureau on suspicion of theft, and the case is under further trial

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