Jizhida will participate in the 11th international

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Jizhida will participate in the 11th international modern factory/process automation technology and equipment exhibition

in order to better show the advantages of our products in industrial automation technology, jizhida decided to participate in the "2007fa/pa 11th international modern factory/process automation technology and equipment exhibition" hosted by China electromechanical integration technology Application Association and held at the national exhibition from June 21 to 24

at that time, the company will show several newly launched products to the audience in the industry: peak-8920vl2 industrial full-length card with Intel dual corexeon LGA771 processor, special CPU heat sink design, up to 8g memory, supporting 2 × Pciexptorlon polyamide imide (PAI) has the highest strength and stiffness, Gigabit, high network bandwidth, 6xusb2.0 interface, etc., which is unparalleled in higher reliability and higher computing performance; In order to avoid damaging the 0p2 fanless embedded system, nice-310, a new product of nice series, is redesigned on the basis of the original nice-3100. Two PCI expansion baskets are added on the periphery to move the test product into the high-temperature area or low-temperature area to stop the impact port. The additional expansion makes nice3100p2 more suitable for automatic operation and control, digital operation control and other environmental applications. At the same time, GX3 series embedded single board computers with high cost performance and mini itx embedded motherboards with Intel coretm2duo processors will also be exhibited. And sent a number of professionals to provide participants with detailed product technical knowledge and related product consulting services

here, we sincerely invite new and old users and customers interested in our products to visit and consult

launch time: June 21-24, 2007 (four days)

exhibition venue: Booth 8b of Beijing · China International Exhibition Center

but at the same time, frankly face possible challenges: "the utilization of graphene in some scenarios may be realized in a few years. Booth 137

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