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Jin Yuanhong, outstanding communist party member of the first comprehensive excavation team of Chengzhuang Mine of Jincheng Coal Mining Group

Jin Yuanhong, outstanding communist party member of the first comprehensive excavation team of Chengzhuang Mine of Jincheng Coal Mining Group

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one side is safety and the other side is production, which is like two weights on a balance, with one mind on the weight. For Party member Jin Yuanhong, who has been an inspector for half her life, this test is experienced every day. "The team breaks down the footage task to every day. Once the underground site fails to meet the standard, we have to check it. The monitor is anxious, and quarrels often occur." After working under double pressure for a long time, the inspector became a thankless post, but Jin Yuanhong didn't want to change his job, and he firmly believed that justice is in the hearts of the people

first principle: safety is above everything

recently, the working face suddenly appeared to be drenched with water, which flowed out in a spray along the eye of the anchor bolt, which was larger than the water tap, and the cadres and employees on site were soaked. As an inspector, Jin Yuanhong first thought of safety! So he hurriedly called the duty room and asked for a batch of rain to be sent quickly. The displacement resolution was 0.01mm; Clothes, rain cloth. The rain gear was sent to the working face, and Jin Yuanhong cooperated with the monitor on duty to immediately organize personnel to support the roof, and add an extra layer of rain cloth to make the water no longer spray wantonly, but flow down the coal Gang obediently. Digging water holes and installing water pumps, after intensive treatment, ensure that the working face can advance. "Without footage, the workers of one shift will work in vain!" Through Jin Yuanhong's words, we can feel that maybe safety and production are sometimes opposed, but his heart is always close to the workers. He firmly believes that safety is the greatest benefit

two responsibilities: Party members should rush in front

the roof is rich in water, the water is serious, and the floor of the working face is muddy. If workers wear raincoats, they can wring water out of their clothes; It is difficult to pour water out of rainshoes. Then, the biggest difficulty is the obstruction of production. Due to the large slope and fluctuation of the roadway, dragging the belt bearing part repeatedly in the process of tunneling connection is like "ploughing". The ground was "ploughed" out of 300-400 cm deep ditches, and the workers joked that "our working face is really -- ravines crisscross"

when moving equipment, the resistance is greater, and the physical cost of moving the production base out is also greater. Jin Yuanhong always rushed ahead and worked first in such heavy physical labor. After a shift, she was wet and covered with mud. Even so, Jin Yuanhong has to take the initiative to work overtime for 2-3 months, one day a month. His wife said painfully, "he is old, not old." Jin Yuanhong said, "there is no flame mountain that cannot be crossed! As long as we work together, the temporary production difficulties will surely be overcome."

three terms of conscience: miners' hearts in the mine

the inspectors are conscientious, and Jin Yuanhong's mantra is - it's better not to reach production than to meet the standard. When the project quality conflicts with the tunneling efficiency, he always stands on the side of safety. The workmates said he was too angry! He admitted; The workmates didn't understand him, so he endured it. "I'm a member of the team. I don't have a crooked heart. I just want to contribute to the safety production of the team."

monitor Wang of the first production team had a good relationship with Jin Yuanhong, but when crossing the fault, he was caught by Jin Yuanhong because he was anxious to enter the ruler. The monitor and the Deputy monitor jumped down from the roadheader and shouted, "Lao Jin, seeing that it's almost time to get off work, can't you let us shave two more rows?" "No way! You're shaving well. What if there's a problem with the roof? Besides, the remaining problems of support will affect the production organization and footage of the next shift." After an encouraging quarrel, the monitor compromised, but after going to the well, he didn't ask Jin Yuanhong to drink with him. At the end of the month, when the team broke through the kilometer mark and learned that the mine would reward 200000 yuan, monitor Wang took the initiative to invite Jin Yuanhong to drink and gave him a big toast

what are party members? On the basic nature of defining what kind of person a Communist Party member should be, the party constitution points out very concisely that "Chinese Communist Party members are the vanguard soldiers of the Chinese working class with communist consciousness". Jin Yuanhong, from the first comprehensive excavation team of Chengzhuang Mine of Shanxi coal group, has always used this as a yardstick to measure his words and deeds, and is determined to move forward. He said, "party members are like a bright red sign, which has always inspired and urged me to work hard for the safety of the mine since 2007." The research and development scope basically covers the new materials and high-tech fields supported by the state

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