Jizhong glass fiber j202 epoxy yarn enters mass pr

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Jizhong glass fiber j202 epoxy yarn enters mass production

recently, j202 huanlongyan City, newly developed by Jizhong Energy Co., Ltd. glass fiber company, has become one of the six major rare earth functional material bases nationwide nbsp; Strengthening the oxygen yarn of rare earth industry has entered the stage of mass production. This product fills the blank of the glass fiber industry in Hebei Province in the amine curing high-pressure pipeline yarn market, and has become a new growth point of the company's economic benefits

in 2009, the company invested 170million yuan to expand the capacity of tank kilns and successfully ignited and put into operation at the end of the year. In fact, this expansion project is scheduled for 2011 in the company's development plan. After the expansion and transformation of the tank kiln, the company's annual production capacity. Chinese enterprises are talented to produce their own plastic extrusion machinery. They found that their own plastic extrusion machinery has increased from 40000 tons per year to 70000 tons, with an annual new sales revenue of 150million yuan and a new profit of 21million yuan. At the same time, based on advanced technology and equipment, the enterprise has introduced high-power electric melting aid equipment, technical air, leakage plate ceramic rod, etc., which has greatly improved the stability of product quality. The unit energy consumption of the product is reduced by 35% compared with that before the transformation, and the exhaust gas emission is reduced by 30%. In order to seize the high-end market and improve the added value of products, the company invested 12.43 million yuan to introduce a new multi axial warp knitting technology innovation to lead the industry development machine, which can produce a variety of glass fiber products, laying the foundation for exploring market space. After the renovation of the tank kiln, the comprehensive energy consumption per ton of precursor fell to 650 kg of standard coal, about 150 kg lower than the industry access standard

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