Jiuyuan, the hottest city in Baotou, will build a

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Baotou Jiuyuan will build a national lightweight material industry base

it is reported that Baotou, Inner Mongolia, has actively planned the industrial characteristics of the park in Jiuyuan Industrial Park since this year. At present, the industrial positioning and development roadmap of the park are further clarified

now, the park has introduced 52 industrial projects, with an agreed investment of about 24.5 billion yuan (unit: RMB, the same below). Among them, 13 industrial projects of USB data storage connection in Shenhua coal to olefin project, sea level calcium carbide project, Taili C-section steel and other markets have been completed and put into operation. 19 projects such as sea level sodium formate project, Guorui carbon Valley carbon fiber and composite project, CRH ed (Baotou) and Tengyi are under construction, and it is expected that 25 projects will be started by the end of this year

Jiuyuan of Baotou city will also actively build a material industry base, including four industrial clusters, including olefin industry cluster, aluminum magnesium industry cluster, composite industry cluster, steel deep processing industry cluster, and focus on building China's PVC specialized market

around the coal chemical industry, the park has introduced more than a dozen coal chemical related projects, such as Yingde gas project, Hunan Dongying 40000 tons/year coal water slurry special additive project, Guangxi HuaSu 180million pieces/year inner film bag and inner film bag project, Juntai 4300 tons/year double wall corrugated pipe and 2000 tons/year prefabricated directly buried insulation pipe project, Linsheng 200000 sets of large automotive injection molding parts, to guide and promote the local conversion and value-added of olefins

at the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, it is expected that more than 100 enterprises will settle in the park, including 5-6 of the world's top 500 enterprises, making the total output value of the lightweight material industry exceed 30billion yuan

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