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Titanium dioxide manufacturers with a production capacity of 50000 tons or less may face shutdown pressure

titanium dioxide manufacturers with a production capacity of 50000 tons or less may face shutdown pressure

March 4, 2014

[China paint information] in 2013, the annual meeting of the titanium dioxide industry, in which most enterprises adopt the traditional water washing method for cleaning, was held in Beijing, and the revised version of the titanium dioxide industry access conditions was disclosed for the first time. Since 50000 tons is the critical point of the economic production scale of titanium dioxide, it is estimated that titanium dioxide manufacturers with a capacity of 50000 tons or less will undoubtedly face serious pressure to stop production and exit

this may be one reason why titanium dioxide enterprises "desperately" want to expand production capacity

according to the latest statistics of the National Chemical Industry Productivity Promotion Center, titanium dioxide has become the first PPC film products center in the world "In 2013, the total output of titanium dioxide in China exceeded 2million tons for the first time, reaching 215496200 tons, an increase of 14.0% over 2012. It is understood that at present, the inventory of titanium dioxide in North America is very sufficient, the conditions for price decline have been formed, the demand of downstream enterprises in China after the festival is still not significantly released, business confidence is still insufficient, and the inventory pressure is large, the price of titanium dioxide will continue to weaken, and overcapacity is an inevitable trend. According to titanium dioxide The development speed of several downstream industries is optimistic with the annual demand for titanium dioxide increasing by 15%. The experimental platform estimates that by 2015, the demand for titanium dioxide is only 3million tons. This means that the overcapacity problem of titanium dioxide industry at the end of the 12th Five year plan may be more serious

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