Hongyan heavy truck is famous and confident to occ

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Hongyan heavy truck: be famous and occupy the market with confidence

Hongyan heavy truck: be famous and occupy the market with confidence

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Guide: in 2006, with the recovery of heavy vehicle market and the continuous development of regional economy, Baoding heavy truck market showed a steady growth trend. According to Du qiulai, general manager of Baoding Zhongji group Huarui Automobile Sales Co., Ltd., the heavy truck demand in Baoding is mainly manifested in five sections: first, long-distance

in 2006, with the recovery of heavy vehicle market and the continuous development of regional economy, Baoding heavy truck market showed a steady growth trend. According to Du qiulai, general manager of Baoding Zhongji group Huarui Automobile Sales Co., Ltd., the heavy truck demand in Baoding is mainly reflected in five sections: first, the long-distance small commodity transportation section, represented by Li county and Xiong County, the annual demand of each county is stable at hundreds of vehicles; Second, in the semi-trailer market of Xushui, the area of construction machinery such as loaders and excavators, which mainly transport Xushui aquatic products, has rapidly dispersed from 560000 square kilometers last year to 1million square kilometers, and there is a stable transportation demand every year; Saint Gobain high performance plastics (SGPPL) has therefore become the first company to obtain the qualification of TORLON Pai injection molding processor in two different regions of the world. Third, the transportation of mining areas requires a large number of heavy trucks to transport iron powder, ore and gold powder produced in Laiyuan and marble produced in Fuping to adjacent areas; Fourth, sand and stone transportation in Mancheng, ningzhou and Yixian; Fifth, the coal transportation in Quyang, Fuping, Laiyuan and other places has maintained a relatively stable demand for heavy trucks in these areas near Shanxi due to the lower cost of segmented coal transportation. As the heavy truck market in Baoding is entering a new round of renewal cycle, and the maintenance of highways has formed a potential demand for heavy trucks, the demand for heavy trucks in Baoding is expected to grow steadily in the past two years

Hongyan accelerates its occupation of Baoding market

under the background of the upgrading of local heavy vehicles, Hongyan truck stands out in the comparison of users' comprehensive performance and price of trucks, and has become one of the most popular brand heavy trucks in the local market. Du qiulai said that taking the mineral transportation from Laiyuan mining area to the processing plant (the transportation distance is kilometers, and the transportation depends on Dora to make money) as an example, This maximum supply pressure is "$ew/area was the world of Jiefang trucks before 2004. At that time, the prices of other brands were higher, and local users tended to choose cheaper cards to provide measurement guarantee vehicles for winning the battle of epidemic prevention and control. However, due to the successive price reductions of heavy trucks of other brands and the performance limitations of Jiefang Truck engines and bridges, Foton Auman entered the local market in 2004 by virtue of its beautiful appearance and comfortable driving environment. At that time, Hongyan, etc Major heavy truck brands have been able to enter this market in a small amount. Now two years have passed. Due to the demonstration effect of early users, Hongyan heavy truck has gradually become a mainstream model in the new round of local heavy truck upgrading. Analyzing the reasons, Du qiulai said that the large assembly of Hongyan heavy truck basically won't have problems, which saves time, effort and money in maintenance. After all, trucks are a tool for users to earn money. Hongyan trucks can not only pull more and run faster, but also have lower faults and less maintenance costs. Although the price is slightly higher, most users are still willing to choose Hongyan because of its comprehensive cost and use income

Hongyan cast steel bridge is very popular

in addition, Hongyan company attaches great importance to the quality of products and the feedback information of users. Guided by the needs of users, it has made a lot of improvements to the chassis, such as widening the frame to improve driving stability, reducing the center of gravity of the vehicle to prevent rollover, and using 1200mm large tires, reversing the user's concept that Steyr is not suitable for the poor road conditions in the mining area, It has won wide recognition. The major assemblies of Hongyan heavy truck are highly praised by users for their durability and low failure. Among them, the cast steel bridge of Hongyan is durable, which constantly forms a great contrast with the problems in the use of some brands of heavy truck axles. Hongyan's cast steel bridge stands out among many truck brands with excellent performance, and has won a high reputation in Baoding area. It is reported that many users who choose other brands now even call for the cast steel bridge of Hongyan when buying a car, which has become a major landscape of local heavy truck sales

full of confidence in occupying the market

as one of the dealers of Hongyan heavy trucks in Baoding, Du qiulai is full of confidence in selling Hongyan heavy trucks. It is reported that the company has sold more than 80 Hongyan trucks in 2006, an increase of 100% over 2005. As for the cooperation with Hongyan manufacturers, manager Du qiulai made an analogy. Dealers are like combat troops fighting on the front line, while Hongyan company is like the headquarters of the whole army, and provides sophisticated ammunition - heavy truck products for combat troops. Heavy truck dealers and manufacturers have both their own interests and common interests, which drive dealers to work hard and develop hand in hand with manufacturers with practical actions. General manager Du qiulai analyzed that the sales of a heavy truck brand in a certain region mainly depends on three aspects, namely, the performance and price of heavy trucks, the ability of dealers to cultivate the market and the service guarantee ability of this brand. Hongyan company has excellent products and good business policies, which provides a very good platform for the sales of Hongyan heavy trucks

"as dealers, we have a lot of experience on how to win customers and how to maintain users with thoughtful and meticulous services." General manager Du qiulai said. Our dealers' work is centered on customers, and we take customer satisfaction as the starting point. In terms of winning customers, we are not in a hurry to sell trucks to users, but choose the most suitable model for users according to their transportation needs. Even when users call for what model they want, we do not sell it to them without saying a word, but help them analyze what model is more suitable for their actual situation. Our concept of pre-sales service is to make the sold cars truly become a tool for users to make money, not a burden. In this way, many users trust us and have become long-term partners with us. In addition, within a few days after the heavy truck is sold, we should organize a return visit to users to understand the quality and transportation of vehicles, arrange door-to-door services for users who encounter problems, and solve problems for users in a timely manner. For major customers, we will regularly contact and pay a return visit, and establish files in the customer service center. Users who have purchased a certain number of heavy trucks in total will enjoy discounts when purchasing cars within the group, and will also enjoy corresponding discounts in the price of maintenance and accessories. In this way, through the demonstration effect of old users, many new users come one after another, making us confident in heavy truck sales and serving heavy truck users well

after comprehensively analyzing the three factors of product quality, after-sales service and distribution service quality, general manager Du qiulai believes that Hongyan heavy truck has a broad market prospect in Baoding. "We plan to sell 150 Hongyan heavy trucks next year, with dump trucks accounting for 60% and tractors accounting for about 40% General manager Du qiulai pondered and looked forward to the market in 2007

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