Hongrun launched Mini paperless recorder

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Hongrun launched Mini paperless recorder

Hongrun launched Mini paperless recorder. During this period, nhr-7100/7100r series liquid crystal Chinese display controller/paperless recorder is an intelligent multi-functional secondary instrument, which is suitable for monitoring, controlling, recording and remote transmission of various process parameters

4-way universal signal input, which can input DC current, DC voltage, millivolt, thermal resistance, thermocouple and other signals; Level 0.2 measurement accuracy

with analog quantity transmission output and relay contact output

it supports RS485 and RS232 serial interfaces and adopts standard Modbus RTU communication protocol

support RS, which can replace the 232C printing function of stainless steel products, with manual printing and timing printing functions

with DC24V feed output, power distribution for field transmitter

with USB data transfer function and SD card expansion function. The other is that the hardener

input, output, power supply and trapezoidal screw communication adopt photoelectric isolation technology

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